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Polycom to have IT channel presence<BR>

Polycom to have IT channel presence
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Siddharth Mukund, December 03, 2003

Polycom, which is active in video, voice, data and web conferencing and collaboration solutions, is looking to expand its India presence.

It currently operates in India through a subsidiary with Yugal Sharma as the country manager, and offers its solutions through telecom solution providers like Siemens, and Tata telecom.

However, in order to boost its growth prospects it is now looking at an IT channel presence. Jean Francois Poulain, Vice President & MD, Asia Pacific, Polycom Inc informed CRN about this development in a conversation.

Jean said, " currently Asia Pacific is the second largest market for us worldwide for us after the US. It currently contributes about 20% of our turnover and is the fastest growing both in terms of sales and technology leadership."

He added that India was their second largest market in Asia Pacific after China and they were confident that it could come on par with China on most aspects.

He said that in order to achieve the 50% growth that they are targeting in the current fiscal they are revisiting their distribution model called iTouch. This will involve Polycom executives working with their current telecom channel partners for pushing corporate sales and have an IT channel presence for their end user and PC-based products. The aim is to offer end-to-end solutions he added.

The IT channel presence will be through a national distribution model. Discussions are currently going on for the appointment of a national distributor. The products offered through this network will include ViewStation and iPower video conferencing solutions, WebOffice web conferencing software etc.

Yugal Sharma, Country Manager, India told that over the medium term the company is also looking to augment its sales and service network and also have a development center in India .It is also currently implementing solutions for telecom service providers.

It is also planning to create brand awareness through an advertising campaign informed Wendy Wong, Regional Marketing Manager, North Asia and India.

What are Polycom 's chances of increasing its sales through IT channel presence. Discuss in TalkBack below.

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We like to install video conferencing equipments in 5 locations. Please send us details of details in Mumbai, Maharastra, India
- Joseph Jose

Please do send contact details of polycon dealers in Mumbai. We would like to procure some.
- Prashant

I want pricing of Polycom phones for Voice conference.
Or any dealer or resellers to contact me
- William

I was Invited to the presentation made by Polycom in Oberoi Hotel on 3rd.Dec

The Demo wherein we had Live discussion with People in Goergia State & Washington was just a simple function/capability of their vast range of Products.

It was a real pleasure to discuss reg. Polycom's capabilites with Mr Kirk Topits, Director-Strategic Projects Asia Pacific, Polycom India.

After the presentation & my talks, I could imagine the immense potential there products have in India in diverse fields, especially in Govt. Departments.

Personally I was really impressed and wish them all the best.

Milan Mehta
A Mumbaite

- Milan Mehta

Has polycom tied up with M/s vigneshwara eBiz (P) Ltd., for promoting their products on national level? If so, what is the business arrangement & how does it benifit both the parties?
- Tarun G.

Polycom's range of products in Video conferencing would open new dimensions in this dry V-Conf market.
- Paresh Das

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