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DECsystem10 / Dual KL10

IBM System360/50









Engineering Specialties

  • Compilers, Cross-Compilers, Debuggers
  • Systems Programming
  • Real-time Applications
  • Embedded Systems
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Remote Device Control, Device Drivers
  • Diagnostics, Monitoring, Trace
  • Operating Systems
  • Orphaned or Legacy Applications
  • Remote Terminal / Remote Access
  • MIDI Device Control
  • International, Multi-lingual Applications
  • CDR Collection, filtering, processing
  • Telecom, Telephony
  • Audio Conferencing, Video Conferencing
  • Protocols, Standards, Signaling
  • Global Road Warrior

Programming Environments

  • Assembler and Machine Language (Microsoft MASM, Macro-10, Macro-11, Pal-10, IBM System/360, IBM System/3, firmware)
  • Debuggers and Implementation (Microsoft C, DDT-10, BLISS-36)
  • Hi-Level (VBA/Excel, VBscript/ASP, Psion OPL, HTML, XML, Basic, Fortran, Cobol, RPG-II, SNOBOL)
  • Scripting (DOS Batch, RTREE, TECO, PL1022, VMS)
  • Operating Systems (Windows, Palm, DOS, Symbian, IBM 360 OS, TOPS-10, RSX11M, VAX VMS)
  • Platforms (Intel x86, Palm, IBM System 360, IBM System/3, DECsystem-10, PDP-11, PDP-8, VAX, proprietary)


Kirk Topits

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